Brand's Mission & Vision 

We produce leather handbags and accessories for women and now, also for men. Here you can enjoy an easy and visual online store where you will find all our products in detail.

Therefore, our family counts on an extended team supported by shops not only in Spain but also along Europe and Middle East, who sell our products and help us to reach a bigger market.

carmen tessa is built by the members from the same family which each one of us provides what we are capable of and with our whole hearts.

Our main customers are independent women, hard workers who are looking for functional accessories and, of course,know a lot about what’s happening on the market and choose precisely what to keep in their own fashion collections. Our men, have it clear. Just straight to simplicity and quality. Something easy to wear and also trendy.

Spain was and will be our main market, meanwhile we start spreading our brand all around the world because we need you to be closer to us and get more carmen tessa Spirits! 

We are planning to launch a shoe collection and open our first retail shop in Alicante, a beautiful colorful lovely city just like carmen tessa.

You are always welcome to choose our fashionable products to be with you. Now the Online Shop is available, we would love to keep your trust on us. We offer you a 24/7 service and guarantee 100% that your purchase is safe and ready to be delivered.

 Because you deserve it.