Brand's Essence

My name is Tamara, I’m carmen tessa's designer.  The story behind Carmen Tessa's development is based on a passion that I have shared with my mother and sister, who constitute the main part of the team. Together with the whole family support, we make this brand possible and finally the dream comes true, that leads us to the bliss of happiness.

More than the 80% of our products are made from high quality leathers, we are also introduced to new types of materials frequently, that gives my designs much more colors and fun which you might see it from our very alive collections.

We are a functional brand combines a classic, casual-vintage and trend-setting styles. The vibe and elements in our Made-in-Spain products are designed carefully with deep thoughts and tons of choosing after comparison between accessories, parts, functions, styles and all the other details. Every design is special and unique as our individual customers.

There are two regular collections will be presented to our beloved customers during each season of a Carmen Tessa year. In the mean time, I do love to approach to my customers with new special collections in between the regular seasons. I believe in the fast-fashion concept, that makes people awake and more sensitive to what they see and need from the markets. 

Stay with us and start enjoying.